KangaCon Code of Conduct

Australian Age Players Inc A0106636K, the organisation that is bringing you the event known as KangaCon, has determined that the following Code of Conduct must be followed to ensure attendee and public safety. At the KangaCon event, we expect all attendees to conduct themselves respectably. All attendees are required to abide by the following Code to keep everyone safe. Please note any violation of the Code of Conduct will result in removal from KangaCon, and any money paid to KangaCon will be forfeited. No refunds will be given to any persons removed from the Convention under these circumstances.

The Code of Conduct dictates that;

  1. If you witness a breach of this Code, you are obligated to inform KangaCon staff immediately. Failure to do so is a breach of the Code.
  2. Attendees must be 18 years of age or older before registering for the event.
  3. Attendees are required to provide a valid government-issued photo ID at the entrance to the Convention space.
  4. KangaCon-issued name badges must be worn and visible at all times while inside the Convention space only.
  5. All activities with other people must be consensual.
  6. No touching of anyone’s person or personal property without their express permission.
  7. No discrimination of any kind.
  8. No bullying of any kind.
  9. Do not willfully damage the property of the hotel, vendors or other attendees.
  10. Device rules and policies are listed below.
  11. Solicitation is prohibited, there are no “pro-services” or “pay-for-play” allowed.
  12. No nudity is allowed in the Hotel or Convention space.
  13. Attendees must arrive and remain in discreet clothing at the hotel and reception area. There are change rooms inside the Convention space for you to adorn your chosen attire for the event.
  14. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.
  15. There are to be no diapers of any kind worn in the Hot tub/spa. Hotel pool rules and hours are to be followed by all attendees.  
  16. KangaCon changing rooms are available for use. Changing rooms are only for the changing of clothing and diapers.
  17. No soiled diapers are allowed at KangaCon. (If you have medical needs, please use our contact form to contact us.)
  18. No weapons are allowed at KangaCon.
  19. No illicit drugs are allowed at KangaCon. All medically prescribed drugs are required to be inside their original packaging, with the pharmaceutical prescription label with your name printed on it.
  20. KangaCon convention space is alcohol-free. No alcoholic drinks are allowed in the Convention space at any time.
  21. KangaCon staff reserve the right to refuse entry to the Convention space if an attendee is visibly unduly intoxicated.
  22. Hotel Quiet Hours are from 2AM – 7AM. All gatherings and room parties are to end by 2AM. There is to be no loitering or loud activity in the hallways during the Hotel Quiet Hours.
  23. All kinksters are more than welcome at KangaCon. All attendees must wear street clothes unless within the con space.
  24. All information regarding location, activities, scenes or attendees witnessed while attending this event, is to be kept private.
  25. You are not allowed to post content on social media about this event, if your content involves any person other than yourself.
  26. Do not attempt to “sneak” in a person to the Convention space. Our staff will not allow any person without a valid ticket into the Convention space.
  27. Attendees are not to discuss or disclose any details of KangaCon in the hotel common areas (including front desk area, lobby, restrooms, and restaurant/bar, etc).
  28. All decisions of KangaCon Convention staff are final.
  29. KangaCon tickets are non-transferable.
  30. KangaCon staff reserve the right to not offer a ticket or invalidate a ticket for any reason.

By attending this event, I agree and consent to:

  1. All bags and personal belongings I bring into the Convention space to be searched by KangaCon staff at any time.
  2. KangaCon Staff being able to remove myself from the Convention space if I have broken or breached one of the above-listed items in the Code of Conduct.
  3. KangaCon and its partners are under no circumstances whatsoever to be held responsible by any attendee for any incidental, special, consequential, or indirect damages of any kind whatsoever.

By applying for a KangaCon ticket, I affirm that I will only share permitted photos and information that is approved by KangaCon staff. Any photos must be taken within designated areas and any photos that are shared must have all people within the image consenting. By applying for a KangaCon ticket, I affirm that I will not attend this event for the purpose of collecting information for research or media publication. I will keep all information about people’s identities and their interests that I learn in the lead-up to KangaCon, during KangaCon and after KangaCon secret and will not disclose that information to any person for any reason.

By attending KangaCon, I affirm that I can be removed from the Convention space at any time for breaching any of the items on the Code of Conduct or at the discretion of KangaCon staff, forfeiting my ticket with no refund or compensation. If I willingly commit a criminal offence, I acknowledge that my information will be passed on to the proper authorities for the purpose of pressing criminal charges and taking legal action.

Phone Policy

You agree that photography, videography, audio and any other form of digital media content recording by convention attendees of any kind is strictly forbidden to assure attendee privacy and safety unless explicitly authorised in writing by KangaCon Senior staff. At the discretion of KangaCon Staff, selected activities (e.g. opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, podcasts, etc.) may be internally live broadcasted within the convention spaces or recorded. Signs will be posed when live broadcasting or photos are being taken.

  • You agree to not take any photos, record video, record audio, or record any media (analog/digital) content of any kind in convention spaces.
  • You agree to not take any photos, record video, record audio, or record any media (analog/digital) content of any kind of non-convention spaces without the consent of those being recorded.
  • You agree to declare any device with the capabilities mentioned above during registration, including but not limited to: phones, tablets, watches, or any other digital media content-recording device.
  • You agree to have KangaCon staff apply the required security seals over any devices that you have declared.
  • You understand that all phone cases must be removed for application of seal(s) to the phone camera(s). Any other device which contains a camera must also have a seal applied over the camera.
  • You agree to immediately notify KangaCon staff in the event of any device seal being voided or broken, without any use of the device in the public convention spaces until the seal is replaced.
  • You understand that if you record or post any unauthorised digital media content, you will be subject to review with possible expulsion and banning from the convention.
  • You understand that if you are interested in receiving photos of yourself from the convention, you must be wearing a green lanyard and your badge number being clearly showed at each photo shoot. You understand that these photos in the convention space may only be taken by photographers authorised by KangaCon and may not be taken without the permission and consent of KangaCon.
  • You understand that there may be clearly designated areas within the convetion space where photos of attenddees will be allowed to be taken by convention photographers or photobooth opperators. You further understand that by entering these areas, you agree that your photo may be taken. In the event of your photo being taken, this will be deleted.

This Publication is Subject to Change

Please Note: If you would like to attend events like KangaCon again, it is important to respect all those at the host hotel and the general public, so they will want to have us back again.
How we treat the Convention Space, the Hotel, the Hotel Staff and the Organisers is truly important, and has a profound impact on future events.  The KangaCon Team thanks you for your cooperation and help in keeping this a safe and enjoyable event.