Frequently Asked Questions

Any person over the age of 18 who submits a ticket application, is vetted successfully, receives the approval email, and purchases/holds a valid KangaCon ticket, can attend the event.

Yes, for legal and insurance reasons, you will be required to present the government-issued official ID you used in your ticket application, and provide your full legal name upon check-in, to receive your Welcome Pack. You will then be given a KangaCon-issued name badge, which must be worn and visible at all times within the Convention space.  

The ticket price is from $165.00 per person. (Please keep in mind all funds raised will go towards future KangaCon Conventions.)

Tickets include:

  • Welcome Pack 
  • Entry into the Convention space during any dates and times over the entirety of the event

Yes, the ticketing system has been set up where each ticket has an individual code, and the code must be used to purchase the ticket. Therefore, you just need the person buying the ticket to click on that specific code, fill out the purchase form, and submit payment. (You can just forward them your approval email, and they can easily do the rest!)

NOTE: tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Yes. Transportation, accomodation and food are not included in the Convention ticket price.

We ask that you book with the host hotel to support them as they have supported us. A direct link to an online hotel booking form will be emailed to you, once you are vetted successfully and get approved for a ticket.

Hotel rooms at the host hotel are $165.00 per night, and require a refundable security deposit of $200.00 upon check-in (this deposit will be refunded back to you when you check-out). 

Parking is available next door to the host hotel and costs $15 a day. Please see reception for your discount.

No, you can stay anywhere you like, and travel to the venue/host hotel each day if you wish to. However, we highly recommend supporting the host hotel that has supported us in holding this Convention.

Yes! There will be changing areas once you enter the Convention space. We ask that you please consider the safety and privacy of our guests, and ensure that all ABDL and Age Play related attire be limited to within the Convention space only.  

Yes, there are criteria for ensuring this Convention remains a community-focused and positive event, so we have the responsibility of ensuring our attendees are appropriate, respected and safe. Because of this, as KangaCon is a private event, we reserve the right to refuse the purchasing of tickets, or refuse entry to any and all parties at our sole discretion. 

KangaCon will be held on the Gold Coast in September 2024. 

You will receive a ticket purchase link and hotel booking information in your email, once you submit your ticket application and are approved/vetted successfully. 

We will keep the host hotel/location details strictly private and limited to approved attendees only, in order to maintain the safety and privacy of our Convention.

The closest airport is Coolangatta (Gold Coast Airport), which is about a 30-minute drive to the host hotel.

Skybus is also available, as are Uber, taxi and other rideshares.

A G:Link light rail station linking Helensvale Train Station to Broadbeach through Southport is located on Cypress Avenue, a short stroll from the host hotel.

The Convention space will open at 9AM on Friday morning. Closing Ceremony will be held at 1.30PM on Sunday, with the official closure at 2.30PM.

If you wish to, you can arrive on Thursday, as Early Registration and Pre-Con Dinner are planned for Thursday night. However, the Convention does not officially kick off until Friday.  

There are nearby beaches, theme parks like Movie World, Sea World and DreamWorld, all within short driving distance from the host hotel, plus plenty more attractions!

No, it is important to remember that vanilla wear is the ONLY acceptable attire in public/common areas of the host hotel. We are extremely serious about this. We need your help in keeping our Convention safe, as well as ensure that the venue will have us back again. If we ask you to change your attire or leave the area, please do so. 

There will be other guests at the hotel, and it is very important that they are not exposed to our kinks and lifestyle without their consent. 

Failure to follow this rule will result in you being asked to leave the Convention.

As long as your front and backsides are fully covered, you can wear regular clothes, diapers/nappies, plastic pants, onesies, dresses, baby clothes,  furry or sissy wear, diapers and top, etc.

As stated in the Code of Conduct, no showing of breasts, genitalia or full nudity is allowed. For the comfort of others, please be respectful.

Attire rules and requirements in certain designated play spaces may be different, and more information will be announced in the future.

Absolutely, they know all about who we are and what we do. They know what KangaCon is and have been instrumental in helping us get things set up. They have also hosted other similar events in the past.

However, please remember there are other guests staying at the hotel, and we ask that you remain appropriately dressed in the hotel lobby, in the common areas, and other public spaces.

The host hotel will only allow us to continue using their venue if the Convention does not damage their business or reputation – please respect them and their other guests.

Please refer to the photo policy in the code of conduct.

It will not be allowed in the main Convention area, however you are welcome to (discreetly, respectfully and within the host hotel Code of Conduct) arrange/participate in scenes in the privacy of your own hotel room.

No, full fursuits are not allowed in the Convention space, but there are still plenty of ways to express your furry or pet identity!

In the Convention space, you can wear ears, tails, paws and claws, and certain masks or hoods like puppy masks.

We of course love and welcome our furries and babyfurs, and they are very much a part of this Convention and our community.

No, all tickets are non-resaleable and non-transferable. This is for the security of the Convention and the safety of our community.

Maximum occupancy is 3 people. This is hotel policy and for health and safety purposes, we ask that all attendees respect and adhere to this limit.