Once approved, you will be sent a unique link for your ticket.

Host Hotel Accommodation costs $165.00 – per night, and requires a Refundable Deposit of $200 upon check-in.

KangaCon policy for issuing tickets is based on a vetting system. The criteria is to fill out this form below with as much information as possible. When the application is received, members of the Vetting Committee will process it and decide on whether or not the application is successful. Each application decision must be seconded by another Committee Member. We assure all attendees of fairness, integrity and impartiality of the vetting process. The requirements and conditions of a failed application are strict, and all failed applications will be scrutinised by the entire KangaCon Committee.

The vetting process is critical in keeping KangaCon safe and secure for all attendees. This process is covered by our Privacy Policy, which can be found HERE. We take this process extremely seriously and our objective is to limit unnecessary exposure of the event from the general public. This is to maintain discretion, therefore allowing attendees to be assured that their personal privacy and proclivities are kept secure and safe from unwanted exposure.

We ask that you answer the following questions with as much information as you can provide, and respond as accurately and truthfully as possible.

Once an application is approved, the attendee will be sent an email with further information regarding KangaCon, such as ticket purchase link and location/venue of the event. This information is strictly confidential and revealing this information can result in your ticket being revoked without refund and a lifetime ban from KangaCon and all associated events. These rules are in place to protect the most vulnerable in our community, and we ask that you respect and follow not only this Policy but all Guidelines of KangaCon.

    Ticket application form

    This must be the name listed on your government-issued ID

    Social Media Account
    Please list your most used social media platform and your social media handle below. Please be aware this account must have ABDL or other kink-related content on it. If you have a private kink account, we would encourage you to take a screenshot and attach an image of it (this needs to include your icon, username and bio). If this option is not desired, please allow the KangaCon Social Media accounts access to your account within 48 hours. If you do not have a kink account, please list another below. (Instagram, Fetlife, X, Other.

    FetlifeInstagramTwitterOther- Please list

    Kink reference
    What is a kink reference? This refers to someone who knows and can vouch for you in the community. This can be a friend, a munch/event organiser, or even an ABDL/Kink business you have bought from. Please attach their Social Media handle. If this is unattainable, please write ‘none’ below and a separate vetting route will occur.

    Payment must be made within 14 days after receiving your personalised link to purchase a ticket and reserve a room at the host hotel as your link will only be active for 14 days. If this is not completed, your application will be voided, resulting in the need to re-apply.