Let’s take a peak behind the curtain and meet the amazing people that are making the 2024 event happen!

Committee Members


DaddaG, also known as DaddyGra, has been an active participant in the community for over 17 years, arranging munches in Sydney and Melbourne and attending other munches, get-togethers, and parties across Australia during this time. DaddaG is an experienced caregiver and has looked after hundreds of adult babies and DL’s and some of his closest friends are people from the ABDL community. He is a regular attendee and participant in Age Play conventions in the USA and Canada, including CAPCon, TeddyCon, and TOMKAT. After attending CAPcon 2016, he realised that a convention in Australia was needed and so the idea of KangaCon was born. An integral part of the wonderful team that is organising KangaCon 2024, his role as President gives voice to the passion that will make this an amazing event for the community. KangaCon is a dream come true that will see people coming together in a diverse and safe environment. He looks forward to seeing you all there in May when we assemble on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia!


Gigglebyte, or as many may know her, Mommy Giggle, is a well-respected and knowledgeable member of the Age Play community, both here in Australia and overseas. Whether you’ve seen her at munches and local events or flying around the globe to CAPcon or other events, she’s excited for the chance to help make Australia’s first major Age Play convention a reality! A published author of ABDL literature, an experienced caregiver, and a respected presence in the thriving Australian ABDL, CGL, and Age Play communities, she’s been an active voice in advocating for the benefits of an Aussie Age Play-related event. As a KangaCon team member, she’s managed the organizational process as Treasurer, as well as helping to coordinate social media and website development. Her own planned participation, discussing the development of ABDL relationships and CGL dynamics, is sure to be a great way to get to know her. She’s knowledgeable, experienced in the community, and excited to participate in KangaCon 2024! See you there, little ones!


Babymoooz, also known as Chey, is a little who joined the community only a few years ago but has taken a major interest in helping people in the community come together and feel confident in themselves. As a little from NSW, she is both Kangacon’s secretary and social media manager where she helps keep littles and bigs informed and occasionally gives glimpses behind the scenes of the Kangacon convention! You may have seen this cutie around munches within Sydney and she hopes to start to attend more events soon. Chey’s goal for Kangacon 2024 is to help people who are shy and anxious about joining the community find their place (If you ever want a big sissy to show you around at the event, shoot her a message!). She can’t wait to meet you all at the 2024 event, look out for a little in some big makeup with a loud personality!

General Members and Volunteers.

Our KangaCon team is filled with some amazingly talented people! From helping us make the tough decisions behind the scenes, to being the people that will welcome you with open arms and smiles as we open the doors to the 2024 Kangacon Convention! By lending their skills across multiple fields, these individuals have helped build the event into what it is today! Here are the names of some of these amazing people who feel comfortable sharing!
Crinkle_Kidd, Thebiglittle, Bear