While we wait for Kangacon2024, let’s have a look at what our first event EVER looked like!

What did our Con Space Look Like?

Our first event started from humble beginnings! We put a lot of love and hope into these rooms and when we saw people love them, it made our hearts glow! We want to show you what the space looked like to make you excited to see what we will do with the con space this year (which is double the size ah!).

Attendee Testimonies

“My experience with Kangacon was more than wonderful! I felt more connected with the aussie community; met faces I thought I’d never meet, from just a screen to having fun in the ballpit with. Kangacon is an open convention with nothing but love, acceptance and understanding with my needs; plus everybody else. Kangacon is a place for everybody; and I truly mean that!”


“I nearly didn’t go to kangacon, I had heard some negative things which made my unsure about attending. Last minute I decided to go and I’m so glad I did! I’ve met so many new friends at that event that I wouldn’t have otherwise and feel like Ive found the ABDL community that was hiding in my backyard! I’ve hung out with so many other littles since the event. During the event I was about to go so much into little space that I felt freed of so much stress and anxiety I was holding. This experience was unforgettable for me and I will 100% be attending again. “


“It was such a relief not to have to hide what is essentially a big part of who I am, and finally meeting other people that liked the same things I did, and were normal well adjusted people. As the event grew longer, I was starting to come out of my shell and do things that I wouldn’t have done normally. The vendors were amazing, thank you to them for giving up their time to sell their goodies and part with their knowledge of their products and advice. Feel free to change something if it will make it sound better.”